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Virtual Robert Mammone

Here's the scoop...

Robert in The Pact


10.11.2003  Now for the news - if you haven't checked out Matrix Revolutions already, its about time you did. Its out now at the cinema and
Robert has a great role as AK; the crew member who facilitates travel in and out of the Matrix for the crew...rather like the character 'Tank' in the original 'Matrix' film.

We get a very brief glimpse of AK during the last scene of 'Matrix Reloaded' when the crew are discussing what has happened to Neo around the table. Look out for him. Visit and check out Robert's filmography and picture under 'cast'. Its great to see he is getting this kind of exposure to a new fan base.
Please feel free to share any reviews of The Matrix films and Robert's performance in this or any other film roles.

In video stores now is Robert's movie 'The Pact' - please see the filmography page for a summary of the plot.

Robert's next movie role is in 'Man-Thing' due for release in 2004 - around August. Robert stars with Jack Thompson in this action film based on the Marvel comic character - a plant matter-based monster living in the Florida everglades who exudes acid when experiencing fear and
reflects other people's emotions i.e. he is calm if those around him are calm. People start to go missing when attempts are made to drain the Everglades...It was filmed in and around Sydney from August to October 2003. Look out for it at a cinema near you. For further information on the 'Man-Thing'character go to
10.05.03 Robert is currently filming 'Salem's Lot' - an adaptation of the Stephen King novel we presume - in Melbourne. He plays a doctor and co-stars with Rob Lowe. Keep your eyes out! Thanks to J for the information.
03.02.03 Robert's latest roles are quite impressive!

'The Great Raid' is the latest big budget Hollywood war film to be made and Robert has a role as Dr. Jimmy Fisher, the Charlie Company head surgeon who was trained by the Rangers. He stars with Benjamin Bratt, Joseph Fiennes, Connie Nielsen (of Gladiator) and some other Australian actors.

Robert attended the premiere of his movie The Pact in Sydney on November 20, 2002. From all accounts the movie was well received and Robert's portrayal of the psychologically disturbed Wilga is a very convincing one. Wilga is determined to fulfil a pact made 15 years earlier involving train surfing, which killed his sister and resulted in a jail term. He won't take no for an answer from the other pact members.

Robert also plays a computer genius called AK (after the assault rifle) in the Matrix sequels. He assists in speedily bringing people in and out of the Matrix when required.

08.04.02 Robert has been very very busy, involved in the shooting of 3 films that we know of in the last year or so.

First up, he stars with 2 other well-known Aussie actors; Sigrid Thornton and Peter O'Brien in a psychological thriller called The Pact. It was filmed late last year in Sydney (with some scenes on the Northern beaches) and directed by Strath Hamilton. The plot revolves around 4 university students who make a pact together with dire consequences that they will regret. It should be released sometime this year (2002).

He has also been involved in the filming of the most eagerly anticipated sequels in history The Matrix Reloaded, which is now all but finished and ready to wrap up filming. Reloaded has been shot simultaneously with the third installment in the Matrix series - The Matrix Revolutions. However, Revolutions still has most of the filming left to do. The Wachowski brothers (who are directing of course) are only approximately 1 week behind in filming which is pretty great on a production of such magnitude.

The main cast of the first film are back - Laurence Fishburne (Morpheus), Hugo Weaving (Agent Smith), Carrie-Ann Moss (Trinity) and Keanu Reeves (Neo). There will also be new additions like Jada Pinkett-Smith (who also stars in the upcoming Matrix game).

Of course Aussies like Robert are in the cast as well as Lachy Hulme and Anthony Wong (who like Jada are also in the game), Clayton Watson, Chris Kirby and David Roberts.

05.04.02 Robert is currently busy on the set filming the Matrix sequels. We'll let you know more details soon...

31.07.01 Robert has guest-starred once again as Aggie, the questionable police officer on Water Rats. He will star in the last episode ever of this great Australian series next week on Tuesday 8th August, 2001 at 9.30pm on Channel 9 for South Australian viewers. Please check your local TV guide for final confirmation. Don't miss this will be well worth watching as Jack Christie concludes that Aggie (Mammone) has been involved in recent gangland-style assassinations for a local crime boss.

Robert also appeared in an episode of 'Outriders' which aired a couple of weeks ago on Australian TV, as a dodgy antiques criminal.

11.04.01 Robert portrayed a detective who helps out Reilly in Water Rats, by ensuring that his brother-in-law evades going to jail for a car theft. But at what cost? See the second episode of the two-part Water Rats entitled "The Thin Edge" on Tuesday April 17, 2001 at 9.30pm on Channel 9 for Australian viewers. Check your local guide to confirm details.

November 2000 Robert has a small part in Vertical Limit - the new Bill Paxton/Chris O'Donnell movie. He plays Brian Maki, an assistant to Bill Paxton's character, charting weather and running the base camp for the climbers. He has a few small speaking parts. (Thanks to Kate for the info!)Click on the picture above to visit the official Columbia Tristar Vertical Limit website.

11.10.00 There is no news except that Robert appeared as 'Bernie', a drug squad cop with an attitude, on last week's episode of Blue Heelers in Australia.

Robert began filming 'A Family Affair' directed by Ian Barry, and co-starring Gary Sweet and Heather Mitchell, in July 2000.

If you know of any upcoming TV appearances, film projects or plans, please email us!

Robert with Russell Crowe at the 1990 Premiere of 'Heaven's Burning'

Robert and Russell Crowe at premiere of Heavens Burning

Did You Know...?

Robert biking around Oz

Robert is a good friend of Russell Crowe's. They starred together in two movies over their acting careers, 'The Crossing' and 'Heaven's Burning'.

Robert travelled around Australia with Russell, Russell's band '30 Odd Foot of Grunts' and various friends, on motorbikes a couple of years ago. Robert is on the far right with the yellow bike in the photo above.

Robert is called 'Bobby' by Russell, and he travelled to Austin in August, 2000 to attend one of the Grunts' shows.

Robert has done a lot of drag car racing and was able to translate that talent into his role as Sam in The Crossing. He even impressed the stuntmen!

Vertical Limit

Above: A scene from Vertical Limit, in which Robert starred as a weather guide.

Visit the site at:

Vertical Limit - Official Site

Be sure to let me know what you hear and I'll add it to this page!