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Virtual Robert Mammone

TV & film appearances

Robert as Mahood

Robert as Mahood, behind co-star Russell Crowe (above) in Heavens Burning

Favourite Movie

For me, Mahood in Heaven's Burning is one of Robert's best performances. He perfectly portrayed the dilemma faced by a son who wishes to be loyal to his father and family, in the face of betrayal by his friend Colin.

His character's Afghan background is such that he values honour and the family name above all, an admirable trait, however when it comes to revenge and justice for what Colin has done to him, he is unable to carry through.

His failure to enact revenge on Colin for the death of his brother, and humiliation as a result are displayed onscreen brilliantly by Robert. As a result he faces disappointment from his father and the loss of honour for his family...This is furthermore exacerbated by the fact that Mahood vouched for his mate Colin to begin with.

Overall a wonderful performance by a very talented actor in a great role.

The Crossing

Robert at right (above) with co-stars Russell Crowe and Danielle Spencer, in The Crossing

One of Robert's earliest appearances was in the Australian movie, 'The Crossing' with Russell Crowe and Danielle Spencer. He played Sam who returns from the city to find that his best friend and girlfriend have become close, in his absence.

If you have not had the opportunity to see this film, try to soon. There were great performances all around from the trio, and I can see why Robert and Russell were chosen for other high profile roles soon after.

Keep checking back often as further synopses and reviews will be added soon...

In the mid-1990's a commercial for the Australian telephone company Telstra aired and from all accounts seemed to be one of their most successful. It featured an actor by the name of Robert Mammone, who played Steve, a guy who had obtained the telephone number of his old girlfriend and decided to give her a call. He finds out that she married (he despairs), but realises she's now divorced and available much to his delight. Robert had a knack, in that advert, of very successfully conveying to the audience his happiness about what he hears on the phone, whilst simultaneously saying, "oh what a shame", with one smirk.

I remember seeing this advertising campaign and thinking what a great job he did, but also something along the lines of, "I recognise him...I'm sure he's in something else..." and he was of course. His acting talents abound and what follows is a comprehensive list of his television and film appearances.


Water Rats final season last 2 episodes as Detective Agi Falseas aired in Australia 2001

Blue Heelers episodes 286 and 287 'Broken Promises' as Bernie aired October 4/10/00 (Australia)

Stingers episode 30 'White Lies' aired 3/8/99 (Australia) ~ A contract is taken out on Church to prevent him testifying

Good Guys Bad Guys episode 2.07 'Dog People' aired May 12, 1998 (Australia)as Cosimo Mazzini

Telstra advert as Steve in mid 1990's (Australia)

My Dog advert as owner in mid 2000 (Australia)

Police Rescue

Sons & Daughters as Tim Palmer


Time Trax [1993] playing "Zack Elliott" in episode: "Darien Comes Home" (episode # 1.13) airdate 5/10/1993

Man-Thing [2004] ~ Based on the Marvel comic character - a plant matter-based creature living in the Florida Everglades who exudes acid as a physiological response to fear. The details of Robert's role in this film are not known as yet.

The Great Raid [2003] ~ Dr Fisher ~ The surgeon of Charlie Company, in a big budget Hollywood war film that is the true story of Army ranger Lt. Colonel Henry Mucci (Benjamin Bratt), who was chosen by General MacArthur to help free more than 500 American prisoners of war from the Japanese camp, Cabanatuan.

The Matrix II and III [2002/2003] ~ AK ~ He plays a computer genius who puts people in and out of the Matrix when required.

The Pact [2002] ~ Migli ~ A psychopath who is set on fulfilling a pact entered into as a teenager 15 years previously.

Vertical Limit [2000] ~ Brian Maki ~ A man must rescue his sister who has climbed K-2 and gotten into trouble

Never Tell Me Never [1998] (TV) ~ Dr Adrian Cohen

Spank! [1997] ~ Paulie ~ A man returns from a 3-year period as a monk to Adelaide to find his cafe-society friends have not changed much during his time away.

Wanted [1997] ~ Su-Ming ~ A Korean man who is the double of a gangster, ends up getting involved with the police and criminals, after appearing on a TV reality show.

Heaven's Burning [1997] ~ Mahood ~ A man and woman are thrown together during a bank heist. They have to flee the police, and an Afghan crime family whom they have double-crossed.

Cody [1996] TV Series ~ Fiorelli ~

The Territorians [1996] (TV) ~ Gittoes ~ A serial killer terrorises a family in outback Australia.

The Beast [1996] (mini-TV Series) ~ Ensign Raines ~ The movie adaptation of Peter Benchley's novel, a huge sea monster is terrorising a coastal town.

McLeod's Daughters [1995] (TV Series)

Cody: The Tipoff [1994] (TV) ~ Fiorelli

Official Denial [1994] ~ Michael Novado ~ A man who claims to be abducted by aliens is abducted by a government agency to help them communicate with a surviving alien.

Street Fighter aka Street Fighter: The Battle for Shadaloo aka Street Fighter: The Movie aka Street Fighter: The Ultimate Battle[1994] ~ Carlos "Charlie" Blanka (Brazilian) ~ Based on the video game, a dictator holds workers for ransom and Colonel William F. Guile mounts a mission to save them including the genetic warrior Blanka (Guile's friend) who was forced into a genetic experiment which gives him 2 forms; man and beast.

The Flood: Who Will Save Our Children? [1993] (TV) ~ Pilot #1

Offspring [1993] ~ Ben King ~ Robert plays a film star in this drama/thriller. He is engaged to his co-star Maria (who is also a model played by Gabriella Fitzpatrick). Maria accepts an invitation to spend the weekend with her mother, Rosa (Chantal Contouri) who is hell-bent on exacting revenge on Maria. What follows as the true intentions of Rosa are laid bare, is a weekend of twisted lies and secrets.

The Crossing [1990] ~ Sam ~ A friendship is threatened when Sam returns to find his girlfriend is now with his best friend.

Emma: Queen of the South Seas [1988] (mini-TV Series) ~ Coe Forsyth (Age 20)