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Virtual Robert Mammone
Fan Encounters

When ? Met Robert...

Russell Crowe

Robert's friend Russell in typical TOFOG gear.

CT met Robert when he was in Texas to support his friend Russell, who was playing with the band 30 Odd Foot of Grunts.

"I met Robert at a bar in Austin, TX when TOFOG was playing at Stubbs. My friend and I stayed at the after party until like 5am - it was a rowdy bunch, but lots of fun.

Robert was a very genuine person and very easy to talk to - he made us laugh all night.

I am glad to see that he finally has a site of his own without any Russell Crowe connection - it looks great.
Just thought I'd say hi - good luck to Robert in the future".


It seems that most of the people who contact us regarding the site have met Robert in some capacity. We've heard from a person who met him at a wedding, at an airport and more. All have made positive comments concerning the encounters.

If you have a fan story you would like to share with us, just click to email us. Your experience will be happily posted on the site with full credit to you.

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