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Virtual Robert Mammone

Robert Mammone's birth place

Below are some pictures of Adelaide for you to enjoy

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Albert Terrace 1880

Albert Terrace circa 1880

Adelaide Botanic Gardens

The Adelaide Botanic Gardens, on North Terrace

Adelaide's Central Market

The Central Markets are one of the best places to shop, on Grote Street

South Australian Museum

The South Australian Museum, on North Terrace, has just had a major upgrade completed

Scoozis on Rundle Street

Scoozis Cafe on Rundle Street, is one of many featured in the movie Spank! about cafe society

The City of Adelaide

The city of Adelaide is located in South Australia. Robert Mammone was born there and has returned many times since for filming purposes (Spank! and Heavens Burning) and visits.

Adelaide was founded by Colonel William Light who arrived in Australia in 1836, to survey the area. It was named after Queen Adelaide and the photo at left depicts Lights Vision of Adelaide. There is a statue of the founder in North Adelaide. The city is built upon a square-based plan. It's four boundaries are named North, South, East and West Terrace.

The city itself is called 'The City of Churches' due to the large number of such buildings present. It is also famous for its parks and gardens. The Botanic Gardens, Adelaide Zoo and Torrens River are all within walking distance of the city centre.

It's a wonderfully pretty place to live. The mixture of flora, fauna, historical architecture and laid-back lifestyle are very appealing. I can honestly state that the saying "You can get to anywhere in Adelaide in under 20 minutes" is very true!


If you plan on visiting Adelaide, you can't go past the following:

Adelaide Zoological Gardens
State Museum and Art Gallery
Rundle Mall for shopping heaven
Adelaide Botanic Gardens and Conservatory
East End Markets
Rundle Street Cafes
The Parklands


The weather in Adelaide is fairly mild although the summers have been very hot in the last couple of years. See below to check out today's weather conditions

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