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Virtual Robert Mammone

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At a Glance

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Date of Birth:
Birth Place: Adelaide, Australia
Family History:
First Professional Role:
Astrological Sign:

Did You Know?

According to, the origins of the name Robert are Germanic. The source is Hreodbeorht, which means "shining with fame". How appropriate!

Robert as Paulie in Spank!

Robert Mammone, originally from Adelaide (Australia), has returned a number of times, most notably to film the Adelaide cafe movie Spank!

A co-star of his, actor Gary Sweet, was also born in Adelaide and the two have starred on screen together in the "Cody" movie and episodes of "Police Rescue".

He is a well known actor within the Australian film industry, but remains relatively unknown internationally. He has managed to sustain a very successful career without the privacy intrusions experienced by other actors.

Whilst he has not achieved the fame of his Australian counterparts like Russell Crowe, his roles have been many and varied and offer him the opportunity to tap into his vast acting talents.